Hawaii: Diamond Head Hike

I wanted to post this sooner, but life has been crazy. In January, I had a random day off and one of my friends was off in the afternoon also, so we decided to do the Diamond Head hike, since she had never been to the top at the time.  She has gone multiple times since!

Since Diamond Head is an official hike and a very popular spot. There is parking near the entrance of the hike, I think it’s $5 for cars and $1 if you walk in, but if you do not want to pay you can always park in the surrounding areas at the bottom of the drive and walk in. There are official hours to this hike since it is a state park. 6a.m.-4:30p.m. be out of the park by 6p.m.

This is the sign near the trailhead. There’s also clean bathrooms and a park to play if you just want to hang out!


View of the ocean from the top

View of part of Waikiki from the top


Map at the top

Picture from one of the lookout pointsdfec2475-b45b-4f5d-a42e-e0ab7b8dd4d3_zps01277007

Instagram shot!

I actually did take more photos from the hike, but my itouch ate them! I seriously do not know what happened, but they are no longer there. Things to know about this hike, it is actually less than a mile all uphill and paved, but at the very end there are a ton of stairs! There is a different way to get up that has less stairs, but still there are stairs!

I remember doing this hike when I was younger and over the years they have renovated the hike to make it easier for people. Perhaps one day I’ll have to find some old photos of Diamond Head and post them here! See you soon!

Things I love ♥ 4.4.14

I have not done this is a very long time.  Actually, I have neglected this blog for a bit, but life has been mostly good and exceptionally crazy. I guess that’s just what happens sometimes. I do miss writing and sharing things with you! Sorry some of these images are small. They are from my Instagram and I wish my camera roll would not continuously eat some of my pictures *cries*

Agu Ramen the parking sucks, but the food is absolutely amazing!


I got new classic Chucks and this photo does not do it justice, but I love them dearly!

  • I’ve been hanging out with my Netflix recently and watched through all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and I finished Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23. I’m sad that the second show mentioned was not picked up for a third season.


  • I recently got a Kate Spade wallet. This one is similar!

Lindsey Stirling & John Legend performing ” All of Me”

This song has been one of my favorites lately and I especially love this version!

  • I started the Simple Green Smoothie Challenge for April. Read about it here if you haven’t heard about it!
  • I also started 100 Happy Day Challenge after some encouragement from some bloggers. Read about it here
  • Pandora (all the stations have been great this week!)
  • Mixology
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Agents of Shield
  • Old Navy dresses This one especially!
  • PT sessions & Pilates with Blogilates

I hope to be posting more soon!


Movie Review: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie (2014) Poster

I’m not quite sure how to review this movie other than to day that it is amazing! I have not played with legos in years and was so impressed by it.  I had initially could not believe that there was actually going to be a Lego Movie and that Hollywood had seriously gone downhill and in need of some new scripts and ideas. After seeing this movie, I am so amazed by this. I don’t even have enough words to share about this movie.

Seriously though if you have not seen this movie go see this movie. I had been having such a crazy month and a crappy day before going in to see this, but it cheered me up so much. The theme song made me so happy and gets stuck in my head so I’m sorry, but I hope that you get a chance to see this!

Book Review:Looking for Alaska


So how’s this…I finally start of 2014 by jumping straight in with a book review. A life update will hopefully come later this week. I failed at my GoodReads goal for last year, but I can’t say that my life was not awesome. Let’s get the show on the road with the book review though. I just finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. This is one of John Green’s most famous books to date. It’s a New York Times best seller and a Michael L. Printz award winner not to mention that it is probably one of the most quoted books on Tumblr.

This book is a year in Miles “Pudge” Halter’s life. It is probably a little less than a year, but over an entire school year beginning in July and ending in about June. Pudge has lived his life waiting for something to happen and he thinks that going to boarding school is where his life will begin and being fascinated with famous last words he goes off to Culver Creek Boarding School hoping to find a reason to really live and give him some famous last words. On his first day he meets his roommate Chip who introduces him to Alaska Young, the girl of Pudge’s dreams. Pudge becomes entranced by Alaska and apart of her world that the boarding school no longer becomes safe. Pudge becomes obsessed with knowing more about Alaska and that leads him down a road with no answers.

I don’t  even know if that summary even did the book any justice. The book is divided into mainly two parts the before incident and the after incident. I could subdivide the book into more parts such as the before boarding school, at boarding school before, at boarding school after, and end of school year. I’m trying not to give too much of the book away because SPOILER a character dies.  I love the way the book is written in a very adult form that does not bs the reader. It also does not glorify the incident by any means. The incident is just as it is an incident. The book is written in such a way that even though you are left wondering about that happened to Alaska like Pudge you know that there is no answer and the more you search the farther away from the truth you are. I applaud John Green for writing this book and is my favorite out of all the books of his that I have read. Below are a few of the more famous quotes from the book:

“Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia” “You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” p.54
“…thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.” p. 88
“Night falls fast. Today is in the past,” p. 89
From The General in His Labyrinth “He was shaken by the overwhelming revelation that the headlong race between his misfortunes and his dreams was at that moment reaching the finish line. The rest was darkness, “Damn it,” he sighed. “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!””p. 155
“How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?-A.Y.” p 158

I definitely recommend that you read this book. I almost bought another copy of this book just so that I could have the new anniversary edition that’s out in stores now! *Fingers crossed * I’ll be back with another post for you tomorrow!

Movie Review: Funsize


I know that I have not done a movie review in a while I thought that I would do one for you today. I’m slowly getting more motivated to blog again and finding new blogs to read has also spurned my interest to once again change some things up in this blog design in the future. Let’s get back to the review though.

I found Fun size on Netflix and dropped it into my queue a while ago and had not got around to watching it until now when Netflix announced they were getting rid of just under 50 or so movies from its service. I’m pretty sure that this movie is still on there though, so check it out.

Fun Size stars Victoria Justice and Chelsea Handler as the only notable names in the movie. Victoria Justice plays 17 year old Wren, a senior in high school who is already planning on leaving her small town and going to NYU. Wren narrates the beginning of the movie explaining that her dad made it seem that life for him started when he went to NYU and that has always been the plan for her to go. Wren’s mom, Joy played by Chelsea Handler does not want Wren to go so far away to school and ever since her dad died several months earlier has been going through a strange grieving process in which at the moment means that she has taken on a 20 something boyfriend.
On Halloween Joy asks Wren to take her little brother, Albert trick o treating in the neighborhood while she is at a Halloween party. Wren agrees to take Albert trick o treating for a little while and then makes plans with her best friend April to escape to Aaron Reily’s Halloween party. Things are going as planned until Wren loses Albert in a haunted house. The rest of the film is Wren trying to find Albert all over town and the trouble that Albert gets into all over town. Don’t worry by the end of the film Wren finds Albert and they share a tender moment with their dad in the cemetery and Wren’s mom, Joy finally wakes up to the fact that she has 2 kids and that her 20 something boyfriend may not be the answer to her problems. 
You will love this movie if you liked the Hangover and other comedies like it.I hope to see you again with another post!

Style: Kate Spade Debra

Recently I acquired a Kate Spade Debra planner. I had been using a raspberry personal metropol for the last 2 years. Let’s be real though I had only really been using it for the last year, the year before that I just carried it around pretending to use it and not really using it. This is the un-boxing of the Kate Spade planner and I have since moved in. I love it to pieces so far.

Hopefully through the end of the year I will have many more posts up for you. If you don’t find me here feel free to find me via any of my other social media connections. See you soon!

Style: Day at the Bellagio






Recently, I went to Las Vegas and visited the Bellagio Conservatory I absolutely LOVE going there. It’s amazing to see all the plants and see the artistry. This year the Bellagio even had a staff member available to talk to people about the plants and the work.

shoes: Kswiss run tubes in blue (not available)
jeans:L.E.I for Wal-Mart
shirt: Express beige long sleeve cowl
watch: (not shown) Swatch white ceramic 2008 edition
pocket bac holder : Bath & Body Works last season