Happy New Year with resolutions

I still haven’t figured out why I do these cause I never stick with them and it never goes anywhere.. Seriously I have a whole book of resolutions from years past that I have utterly failed out. 😦

On a side note: Does anyone want to sign me up for that MTV show where they do the crazy stuff on their bucket list? I’m so down for that!

This year:
1. Lose weight-My relatives make me feel bad or should I preferably say that I don’t want the kids at this year’s Spring Break camp to out run me….

2. Spend less-I’m seriously working on this. The very best part of this goal is that I’m no longer working at the mall and am not tempted by things except the internet and those rare days I absolutely need to go to the mall

3. Teach my nephew things from MLIA

4. Relearn Pig Latin-I’ve decided that I shouldn’t pollute my nephew with bad words until he is age 12 or later. If I’m gonna swear I’ll do it in Pig Latin, I’m still trying to convince the family that this is an awesome idea..ie Shannon Kelly Johnson Reed’s family…

5. Study and take my GREs to go to grad school, I so need out of this job!

6. Travel to Japan with my work


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