It feels like a teenage dream

*I apologize for the picture, it was one of the few that I like of him wearing the hat. I don’t like what is in his mouth though

Twitvid from Eric Jackson

In case you haven’t realized it… I’m one of the most giving people you’ll meet in your life. I’m not in any means perfect and I mean that I still have yet to learn to give completely selflessly. If I give a gift, I’d like you to appreciate it for what it is. I’ll not continue on gift giving it gets me in a tirade. The above picture and video link is from Pro snowboarder Eric Jackson and a photo courtesy his friend. I found out (not stalking) that he has a hat collection comparable to what my brother’s used to be and he wears them a lot.

I sent him one from Fitted Hawaii in hopes that he would wear it.  Here’s the link to the Fitted Hawaii site where you can get the same cap: Support Local skateboard! I seriously get a little giddy when I see him wearing it, not to mention that he’s claimed in online chats that it’s his new favorite hat. Does any of this make me horrible person?


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