Style: Spring Fever/Project 10 Pan

In case you weren’t awake/aware the US Open of Snowboarding has come and gone. Shaun White didn’t participate, but he showed up to Stratton, VT. He bowed out claiming exhaustion and sickness. You can make your own decision if you read the article and see what’s really true. The winner of the Open was Kazuhiro Kokubo and if this name sounds familiar it’s not because of his excellence in snowboarding, but rather his fashion statements. Yes, he was the olympian from Japan that got slammed by the Japan media was wearing his pants too baggy. If you want to see footage from the US Open go here Videos to watch would be Louie Vito, I-Pod, and Kazuhiro Kokubo…the scores were really close, so did the judges pick the right winner?

I got my hair cut before I went camping with the highschoolers this past weekend I don’t really have a picture of it though. :((((( Here are some pics of the EPIC weekend in Maui! I think if everything works/doesn’t work in my life I want to be a counselor again. These kids make me feel brave….Although, I didn’t complete my New Year’s resolution to lose weight and not have the kids outrun me though. I’ve been maintaining the same weight and am still journeying on to losing weight, new target date: Memorial Day weekend! *Some of these pictures below are mine and some are from a friend 🙂

In other news, I got acrylic nails at a salon for the first time in my life. I had done acrylic nails once before in college I think it was for HomeComing when I saw Michael Israel or perhaps it was when I saw REO Speedwagon..I really have no idea. Either way they didn’t last very long and the nails were a set I got from the drugstore. My nails have been holding up pretty well, although for the first couple of hours I had it done my hands felt really heavy and I felt that I had to be really careful. It’s been about a month since I got them and even though the nail polish is ruined the nails are still holding up. I’m in the process of changing the polish and am going to see how long the nails last before I have to give them up. I still have trouble opening cans, since the pull tabs are so closely stuck on. There’s a couple of other things that I miss doing with my real nails, but I’m finding ways to cope.

I chose Here today…Aragon tommorrow by OPI nail polish. It’s a really deep forest green not a black, contrary to popular belief. * This really is my photography

I completely failed at Lent! Giving up chocolate was way hard this year and maybe someday I will try this again, but if you gave up something other than the obligatory meat for Lent then I’m way proud of you for making it through and not giving up! 🙂

I’m still plugging along on Project 10 Pan which I started in February. I feel horrible when I hear people who start this and are finished in a matter of weeks while other people like myself struggle through this process. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the process and definitely what it’s teaching me, but I’ll admit I’m struggling with it. I’ve broken the rule and shopped a time or two, but I’m gonna keep going and try and clean out my makeup stash a bit before I buy more! There’s no reason for me to have 3 foundations, 4 nude color lipsticks, 12 chapsticks, and other variations of things *sigh* Here’s what I’ve completed so far with some review, all pictures are taken by me:

1. Clinique Face Moisturizer

I actually completed 2 bottles of this and I did actually like the moisturizer after I use the toner. However I’m attempting to switch off Clinique skincare at the moment because I don’t think it’s working for me. Well, actually it did work for me in the beginning, but now I don’t feel a difference in my skin or perhaps I’m cleaning my face too much?!?  Clinique Moisturizer from the Acne Solutions Line=good!

2. Clinique 7 day scrub
As I said above I’m switching off the Clinique skincare line to see if there is something else that works for my skin and hopefully doesn’t break me out. The 7 day scrub was good and this was the only tube I bought that I can recall at least, but like the rest of the Clinique Acne Solutions line which I have been using a while I feel as if it stopped working for my skin and there for am going to try something new. Clinique 7 day scrub=good and necessary if you are using the skin care line.

3. Chi Shine Infusion
No, this isn’t a cheat! I did mention that I was going to use hair products and other things in Project 10 pan and would do reviews as things were completed. I got this around Thanksgiving mostly because Kalel Cullen/Queen Beeuty of YouTube said that this was a good product and helped her hair out. I hadn’t really heard much about the Chi brand until I started watching YouTube. This isn’t an overhyped product I actually do like this product. I used it as a heat protectant and finishing spray for my hair when I flat iron. It works really well at making my hair shiny and smelled amazing! My sister-in-law always used to say when I used it that she ♥ that scent. It kind of smells like vanilla in case you were wondering. Maybe when this is all over I’ll buy this again 😉 Oh by the way, I was only able to find this in Target so far in case you were wondering…Chi Shine Infusion=amazing!

4. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Sweet Pea
This isn’t a cheat either! Believe me when I say that i don’t intentionally collect hand sanitizer, but apparently everyone around me does. I got about a dozen as gifts, so I’m attempting to use them. They have been especially useful since the flu and H1N1 have been going around. I actually like this size of hand sanitizer because it’s pocket sized and can actually fit in most of my purses. In addition to that the various scents not only make your hands clean, but actually smell good unlike the boring sanitizer that gives your hands that alcohol scent. The sweet pea is a scent I can handle and don’t mind as much as the others. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Sweet Pea=meh! I probably won’t buy hand sanitizer sorry!

5. Clinique all about the eyes makeup remover
I do like this product most days although there were times when I used it that I would have preferred something that wasn’t so harsh on my eyes. It did take all my eye makeup off though. I would use this before I would wash my face and then the face wash would take the rest off. I think this was the only full bottle that I purchased and I’m not sure right now if I would go back to it. I’m definitely switching off Clinique skincare at the moment, but I’ll let you know what happens. Clinique all about the eyes makeup remover=meh!

6. Dove Deodorant spray
Apparently once when my sister-in-law stopped off and was in between travels she left this here and so I decided to use it since I was out of the hygiene product. It goes on easily since it is a spray, although being someone that doesn’t normally use spray it was a weird sensation. I probably wouldn’t purchase this again even though it was good. The concept was unusual and hard to get used to for me and I felt as if those hairs seemed to be growing more when I used it. Hmm….

7. Clinique SuperFit Makeup Foundation in Original form
This foundation has been so good to me since I started wearing makeup no doubt. However, I ‘ve had this bottle for at least a year and besides that it was time to branch out and try other brands. Clinique in recent years has also retooled the formal on their foundation improving it or making it better for the different skin types. I haven’t tried it yet and maybe in the future I will but right now I’m not seeing that as a possibility.

8. Stila Hydrating Primer
This sample came in a kit and I was a little uneasy about using it since it said that it was a hydrating primer. I have naturally oily skin to begin with and being in a rather tropical climate my skin tends to get naturally oily as the day goes on, so using something that creates moisture in my skin didn’t seem like such a good idea, even though primer is always a good idea. Stila’s primer surprised me and didn’t make my skin extra oily like I thought it would and some days my skin actually felt better than it had in a while. I liked it so much I actually repurchased it in the recent haul.

9. Clinique Acne Clarifying Toner
As I said in the previous post on Project 10 Pan, it is time to try new brands and new things. I don’t not like the brand, however at this moment in time I feel that it is not working for me and I should try something new. The toner was the last of the line and I SWEAR that it took me FOREVER and a day to finish this. I couldn’t believe how much my makeup wasn’t getting off and how much the toner would get off, not to mention how much better my face felt after I used a toner. Basically the toner balanced my skin and took away the excess makeup that the cleanser didn’t not to mention that this acne formula was suppose to have chemicals in it to help my skin not get acne. No offense, to Clinique or any skin care product on the market right now but apparently my skin like many other people’s do this thing where you start using a new product things go great and then your body gets used to it so it “stops working”. At the moment, I’m still looking for that one perfect product to clear up my acne scars and give me radiant skin like in the movies.

10. Herbal Eseence The break’s over
I’ll admit to having used Herbal Essences in the past and I’ll even admit to generally being wooed in by the sly advertising campaign previously. However, I turned to the product this time out of desperation. I had been using a shampoo that smelled quite like hair dye at the time to wash my hair and I hated having that smell, so I went and got this thinking that this would possibly help my hair. I liked the scent of coconut and vanilla I suspect it was good, but the shampoo dididn’t really help my hair as it claimed it would. The break’s over shampoo was suppose to strengthen your hair and prevent general breakage. I felt that using this shampoo didn’t help my hair nor hurt my hair, although went I got it cut my hairdresser did say that it felt a little dry and I haven’t quite determined that culprit of that saying yet. I definitely felt that my hair was breaking the same amount as it normally did.

11. Stila’s liquid foundation
The easiest way to know if you like a product or not without buying the whole lot of it, is to try a sample and so I did. This liquid foundation was light and airy and was similar to a tinted moisturizer with perhaps a bit more coverage. It would always shock me in the mornings because the foundation would squirt out of the tube quite cold and I could never understood how that happened since everything else in my room was basically room temperature. I liked this foundation enough to purchase a full bottle and will tell you how it goes because I switched to a lighter shade, since I felt that this was a shade to dark. Perhaps another review in the future?!?
I suppose it may not seem that unusual to that many people to get Spring Fever around this time especially after being cooped up all winter. I’m struggling with Spring/Summer Fever, right now. I love summer and the warm weather don’t get me wrong. Hello, Hawaii girl here! Seriously can’t live without warm weather although lately I’ve been missing the snow. Weird, I’m deeply aware. However, with all the snowstorms running through the US you’d think that Hawaii would dip a little, so I could get a bit of snow? Rain doesn’t count as snow because it’s wet and yucky.

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