Style:Project 10 pan and then some

Yesterday, I decided that it was the last day for me to buy makeup until Dec. 31 as of right now. I may decide to go longer on this makeup no buy depending on how it goes. I have given myself the following rules:
1. You are only allowed to use things you already own
2. You can not buy makeup and beauty things from any store unless you have been given a gift card specifically for that store.
3. When you finish a product you will take a picture and write a short review so that you and readers will know what products you finished and if the product goes on the repurchase list.
4. If on Dec. 31st the makeup and beauty collection has reached a reasonable size you may stop makeup no buy
5. If on Dec. 31st you decide to stop or continue makeup no buy you must make a video and let people know.

Below are a few products I’ve used up in recent months. I probably should have checked these products onย Skin Deep before buying them. Then again, I have also been a sucker for infomercials and YouTube has its ups and downs with me. If you want to see other product reviews please see my other posts also under the tag of project 10 pan ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder

I had heard such good things about the Smashbox line that I wanted to try a product or two, it also didn’t hurt that I needed a setting powder. ๐Ÿ™‚ The powder lasted me about a year since I use so little of it. I liked the round design of the package and that it came with a peeler that shaved the solid mound into a powder with the flick of a turn, which made it easy to control the mess.
I did not like that the clasp on the package didn’t work as well after the first month. Another downside of the product was that the kabuki brush that came with it after the first washing lost its softness which can be typical of brushes, but what isn’t typical was the shedding. The kabuki brush that came with it after the first wash would continually shed, so much so that I would have to check myself in the mirror so that I would not have little brush hairs all over my face ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not quite sure if I would repurchase this again.

2. Sephora profressional brush shampoo

It is necessary if you do your makeup that you clean your brushes. Unless your mom who believes that brush cleaner and cleaning your brushes is just a marketing ploy.
For the sake of efficiency one day, I bought the Sephora brush cleaner thinking that it may actually help. The brush cleaner is packaged in a spray tube, which if you have any experience with sprays know that at some point the packaging will jam leaving it virtually impossible for you to get the product out short of cleaning out the sprayer before every use. Another plain disadvantage of the product is that even though you are using a brush cleaner you would still need to run your brushes under water to clean the product out thus doubling the amount of time it takes you to clean your brushes.
I recommend if you are going to clean your brushes to either use the baby shampoo method or to use Michelle Phan’s EVOO and dishwashing liquid method. Sorry Sephora!

3. Sephora eye remover

When I ran out of Clinique’s Take the day off the liquid form, which for whatever reasons, made ย my eyes irritated and I would need to use my facial cleanser to stop the irritation almost immediately.
I thought this eye remover would be good considering the price. The product was okay, it did not irritate my eyes. However when using it I had to use the product twice to remove my eyeshadow and had to use extra pressure to remove it efficiently. I don’t recommend this product unless under dire need.

4. The Gap Lip Balm in Chocolate Cherry

Considering how long I’ve had this product in my stash I would say that its about time I finished it. Apparently, even though I somehow can buy lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, chapsticks up the wazoo. I rarely ever finish one seriously. Usually, if its something I like I carry it around and somehow magically it ends up disappearing. I don’t even understand.
The GAP lip balms are moisturizing and pretty good at protecting your lips with the spf in it. The taste is somewhat lacking. The first day I used the lip balm I could smell the chocolate cherry scent, but after a while it started to wear off to the point I’m sure the scent vanished entirely. If I have ever saw this particular lip balm again most likely not, but I won’t throw out the others in my stash.
5. Loreal’s Ever Pure Sulfate Free Color Care System
After a long period of not putting highlights in my hair, the highlights are back in and I’m pleased. What I’m never pleased about is the fact that my hair grows pretty fast that within a week and a half you can already see my roots *ugh* Not to mention that lately perhaps because I’ve been cooped up indoors the color has been fading and looking really dark.The product was incredibly moisturizing for my hair although it was goopier than I anticipated it to be, since I’d only been using relatively cheap shampoo lately and it didn’t lather as well as I thought it would. This won’t make it on my repurchase list when I’m going to recolor my hair again, but I’ll probably give sulfate free shampoo another shot.
6. Chi Shine Infusion
As I said in a previous Project 10 Pan I really do love this heat product. It does wonders for my hair and it smells very much like vanilla. My sister said she used to love to go into the bathroom after I did my hair just to smell the scent. Weird, yes I know! It’s really good, but I’m not completely convinced that this product has reached holy grail status yet. I’ll keep plugging away at Project no buy.
7. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
This Primer is an eyeshadow primer used to prime the lid before apply eye shadow. Maybe it’s because I’m sort of a makeup newbie and used a little too much or maybe I’m not a fan of doe foot applicators. I’m really not sure which, but either way I wasn’t a fan of this product and won’t be purchasing it again. I actually think it did nothing for my eye shadow which by the time I got home from an 8 hour day had worn off. I’m not ruling out eye primers completely just this one.
8. Bosica Green Tea Blot Linens
Oh those darns things right by the register, I’m always a sucker and always look at those just to see what there is. That’s how I ended up with the Boscia Blot Linens. I have never really bought in to the concepts of blot papers though I’ll go through spurts where I do buy them. I admittedly have an oily T zone and quite possibly oily skin. I’ve dealt with acne and still have the occasional breakout when I’m not taking care of my skin and putting junk food in my body. However the Bosica Blot Linens were not any different from other blot papers other than the fact that they were thinner. I think in the long run this worked against them because I tended to pick up more and use more at a time. These will most definitely not be repurchased.
*On a side not since this is the middle of my project 10 pan round 2 otherwise known as makeup ban I think I’ll try and do review on the products coupled together like these for future reference using the same tags so look for that ๐Ÿ™‚

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