Random: Working for the weekend

These past couple of weeks have been nothing but crazy busy at work. One of my resolutions for this year is to be more organized and stay on top of things. I’ve always been a list girl and have constantly made list of things that I need to do in a day/ week. Sometimes the list does not get completed and sometimes things get put onto next’s week list.

Since this year’s resolution is to be more organized I’ve been trying to find new ways to keep track of things and keep myself in place. I bought my very first Filofax on the first of this year and I think our relationship is going well. More on this in a future post. Another way I’ve found to get organized is to use this goal setting chart from Get Buttoned Up. The site has lots of tips and articles on how to more efficient in life planning and goal achieving. There are also a ton of downloadable templates like the one I used this weekend to get my room cleaned. The template actually comes in color, but I thought that I would save ink on my printer and print only one template and make copies for the time being.

I’ll try and remember to keep you updated on my progress about bring organized for this year. A post on my resolutions for 2012 is coming soon, I promise!




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