Sunday Confessions #2

Yay! I glad that today is the first day of July because that means I may actually have my weekends back! Today I’m linking up with Alyx from Every day is a new adventure for Sunday Confessions.

1. I am very disappointed by my sunscreen because I swear that I applied sunscreen evenly and yet today I’m dealing with an awkward sunburn 😦

2. I have week full of blogposts coming toward you and I’m super excited about that . I really hope that you’ll like them 🙂

3. I’m really glad that I found out that The Glades are back on this season. I know I’m slightly late this season, but it has still been great so far.

4. I’m looking forward to the 4th of July and seeing Jack’s Mannequin and Hoobastank perform for free.

5. My disposable camera is coming along slowly for Kam Campfire Chic‘s swap!

Hope that you are having an amazing Sunday and here’s to a great week!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Confessions #2

  1. Whoa, how are yuo seeing them for free? That’s awesome!
    And is your sunscreen expired? I heard that expired sunscreen doesn’t work as well.
    That swap sounds fun!!!
    Thanks for linking up and participating, Jamie!!

    • One of the military bases is bringing in the groups as part of their big 4th of July celebration. As for the sunscreen I may have not dosed myself well as it was a spray, so awkward places for tan lines…

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