Random: Summer Bucket List


I meant to post this sooner, but with my crazy life I have not really had a moment to sit down and actually make a Summer 2012. I’ve been living life and enjoying it, but here are some things that I did want to do this summer and some that I have already done.

1. Summer Session with Rev. Will Masuda
2. Love Fest Hawaii
3. Manoaphobia
4. see Jack’s Mannequin in concert
4. see  Hoobastank in concert
5. walks through Waikiki
6. go to many bon dances
7. eat at Kapa Cafe
8. eat Shave Ice
9. eat at Heeia Pier
10. Attend Young Adult Retreat
11. watch fireworks
12.  cook
13. go to my friend’s wedding
14. read a ton of books
15. watch amazing movies
16. have several beach days
17. go kite flying
18. go cardboard box sledding
19. go skateboarding
20. eat yakiniku
21. visit the Honolulu Zoo
22. visit the Farmers market
23. go to Eat the Street
24. Do a circle island trip

Hopefully coming up in the next few days I’ll have reviews of the movies I’ve seen recent some still in theaters and some not. I hope that you are doing well and having an amazing day.


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