Smell the Roses: My memory box

Lovely Little Things
Today I’m linking up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things for a Smell the Roses post. So the current challenge is to go through your memory box and reminisce a bit about the past for a bit. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂

Here are some pictures that I haven’t quite gotten around to printing to do scrapbook pages yet. I also apologize that these photos aren’t the greatest quality because they are direct from my photobucket and all have great memories attached to them.
1. The time my friends and I were at Denny’s in college and the phones had an orgy. You would not believe how many times I’ve told someone this and they get such a kick out of it 😉

2. This is all my roommates and I from one year in college right before one of them left on their mission. The one laying across everyone’s lap and ironically she is the tallest of us all!

3. The time when my art major roommate made a cardboard chair and then she took a picture with my puppy Alastor Sherlock. (He was stuffed and RIP)
mindy & sherlock

4. The time my friend and I threw a party and I kissed his crazy ghoul mask.
kissing a ghoul

5. The time my parents and I traveled across the country and we stopped at Cadillac Ranch

5. The time I went to Seattle to see my brother at the time. I miss Seattle!


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