November List a Day: Days 1-3


Today I’m linking up with Cara from the Marvelous Flight of Cara for a list a day for November. I know that I’m a bit late to this party, but I still wanted to participate. For a couple of days as stated in a previous post you’ll be getting more than one post from me. Today you will be getting 3 lists in one. I hope that you enjoy and make sure that you take time to check out Cara’s blog and maybe even join the link up 🙂

November 1: Happy List
1. Sunny days with nothing that I have to do
2. a new book to read
3. KonaBoy
4. Dirty Chai Tea Lattes
5. Candles
6. Puppies
7. My nephew
8. random text messages/phone calls/emails from far away friends
9. Flowers
10. Pillow Pets

November 2: Favorite Foods
1. Noodles:spaghetti, ramen, etc
2. Spinach salads
3. Frozen Yogurt
4. Chocolate Chip Macademia Nut cookies
5. Applesauce chocolate chip cookies
6. Sushi
7. Fresh Strawberries
8. Finely ground Shave Ice
9. Cocoa Cream Puffs
10. Nachos

November 3: Top 10 places I want to visit
1. New York City
2. England
3. France
4. Australia
5. Okinawa
6. Brazil
7. Carribean
8. Alaska
9. Florida
10. Japan


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