Book Review: The Fame Game


I hate the fact that even though I finished this book a while ago I have not been able to post reviews let alone blog for a while. The Fame Game is Lauren Conrad’s second teenage book series. Her first series was L.A. Candy. In this new series, is a spin off of the old series and picks up a few years later.

The Fame Game centers once again around the start of a new reality series in which the four main characters of the book: Madison Parker, Gabby, Kate Hayes, and Carmen Curtis are dying to find real fame in Hollywood. The reality series is once again directed by studio executive Trevor Lord who is always trying to manipulate the girls to get ahead at every turn. Since, L.A. Candy Madison Parker has not struck it big in Hollywood and agrees to do star in the Fame Game as long as Trevor Lord agrees to make her a star.  Kate Hayes gained notoriety for her cover of a song when her then boyfriend at the time posted the video on youtube. Carmen Curtis is the product of the two famous parents and has grown up in the business and is now trying to break out on her own.

Although The Fame Game  is pretty well written and is fairly interesting. It does not bring anything to the world of teenage fiction and borders almost on the role of a teen trashy novel.  I will keep reading because she got me pulled in this far, but I won’t bore you with reviews of anymore of Lauren Conrad’s novels on here.

See you soon!


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