Book Review: The One & Only


I recently picked up and read The One & Only by Emily Griffin. I received this book in one of my PopSugar boxes that I received this year and did not have a chance to read it until recently. I’m glad that I received this book since I might not have picked up this book otherwise. I did not know who Emily Griffin was but to her accolades she did give Caprice Crane a rather nice review on her most recent book

The story for The One & Only revolves around Shea Rigsby, a thirty something woman obsessed with her hometown college football team. At the beginning of the novel, Shea’s best friend, Lucy’s mom has recently passed away and the funeral was right before the start of the college football team. Lucy’s dad is a legendary football coach of the hometown team and Shea has adored him since longer than she can remember. This football season is different than ever before for Shea.  Shea gets an opportunity to write for her local paper and cover the college football team and follow the investigation by the NCAA. Shea also decides to take a real chance on love and dump her boyfriend and go after an acquaintance who just happens to be a professional football star. While dating the football star Shea discovers that she has feelings deeper than adoration for Lucy’s dad and finds out that Lucy’s dad feels the same way. Before things between Shea and Lucy’s dad can get off the ground, they are immediately put to a halt by Lucy.

This book was definitely a chick lit novel that was meant for a light reading at the pool. It was a fun book to read and I highly recommend that you read this if you are looking for a relatively fast read with a little bit of romance tied in. I’ll hopefully have more book reviews coming your way very soon and I still have my fingers crossed that I will have more posts for you in the coming weeks!

See you soon!


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