Book Review: The Scorch Trials


I know that I’ve been gone a long time again. I’ve been going through quite a bit of personal issues, so I apologize for the delays. I have also been doing quite a bit of youtube videos this year. If you want to hear me in person and watch some crazy videos of me as well as makeup and planning videos, you can find me here.

Let’s get back to this book review because that’s what you are really here for. I started the Maze Runner series after the movie came out last year and you can read my review on the book and the movie here. I thought that both the book and the movie were well done. I can’t say the same for The Scorch Trials.

Let’s start with the book: In the book, The Scorch Trials start exactly where The Maze Runner trials left over with the group being picked up from the maze and being led to a safe haven. The group after a night of relaxation wakes up to find that things are not as safe as they seem. The people who saved them appear to have been killed and then Teresa the girl from the Maze has been taken and replaced with a boy named Aris. The group is then told that they had finished the first phase of the trials by an anonymous man who appears and he says that they have to make it within 2 weeks to a place called the safe haven and even if they don’t go they will be killed. Thomas, the main character, goes into agony from being separated from Teresa, but is glad that he is with the rest of the people from the Glade. I won’t post any spoilers on the off chance that you have not read the books, but Thomas and many of the people from the Glade make it to the safe haven only to find that it isn’t what they expected. Thomas also meets Jorge and Brenda who travel with them to the safe haven. Thomas’s memory also starts to come back in bits and pieces through dreams.

In the movie: The Scorch Trials appear to pick up where the Maze Runner Trials left off with the group arriving on a helicopter to a compound in the desert. Thomas and the rest of the Gladers are then taken through a series of tests which appear to take a long time. Teresa is also separated from the group and taken for further test. Thomas and the Gladers, while at the compound find that they weren’t the only maze trials and that there were several maze trials. Aris, a boy from a different maze trial, befriends Thomas and shows him through the airvent passage ways in the compound. One night, Aris show Thomas bodies being taken into a room and he said that they don’t come out. Thomas, Aris and the Gladers decide to break out of the compound and decide to try to make it to freedom. Along the way, the group gets separated and Thomas meets Jorge and Brenda. The group finally makes it to a place called the Safe Haven only to have be betrayed by Teresa.

I was very upset at how different the movie was from the book. The movie was still enjoyable to watch, but knowing it took a lot of liberties in changing the story ruined it for me. I would still recommend seeing the movie if you are interested in watching it. I do plan on finishing The Maze Runner series and recently picked up the next book Death Cure. I hope that I won’t be as disappointed in this book.

See you in another blog post, hopefully soon!


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