5 things on a Friday 5.27.16




Today I’m linking up with The Farmer’s Wife and September Farm for their Oh, hey Friday post.

I’m just gonna stop apologizing for not being around and promise to try better. It is getting better with blogging, but it’s not perfect yet. Here are some thoughts from this week

  1. I’ve been loving Cauliflower Fried Rice,as pictured above. It’s just so good, since my mom and I first made it, I’ve just wanted to make it all the time.
  2. I’m a little sad that once again it’s Memorial Day weekend and yet, I have to work at least part of the weekend.
  3. I broke my planner no-buy earlier this week and purchased The Reset Girl’s latest kit along with some Yellow Paper House notebooks, to start doing #Listersgottalist again and #30Lists again
  4. Maybe because Memorial Day weekend is here once again, but I’ve been missing Summer vacation and just craving being outside rather than working in the office
  5. The Erin Condren new planners launch next week and the designs look awesome, are you purchasing right at launch?

Below are a few links that I think that you should check out this week:(or at least I think that they are pretty awesome!)

Gratitude autopilot

This song
 this video
Life list advice from Jack Canfield


I’m planning on seeing you in another post soon….




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