50th State Fair

Hello Everyone!
I know that it has been a hot minute since I gave you a real post, so here is one about my life. The Boy and I recently went to the 50th State Fair here in Hawaii and it was pretty awesome. It had been a while since I had been. I didn’t really take a lot of pictures since it rained which you can clearly tell in the last few pictures. Hopefully we will be able to go to another fair later in the summer.


This ride is called the Equinox and was the newest ride there. We tried it and it was super crazy. I talked a bit about this in my 5 things on a Friday post I’m not sure if I would ever ride it again though. The Boy and I paid a bit extra to pet farm animals which was interesting since quite a few parents brought their kids to do the same thing, but they also bought food. Most of the kids were pretty traumatized by feeding the animals.


Such a cute donkey!


I think this was a deer, but he had no sense of personal space which you can tell from the photo!


miniature ponies, so cute! He was super calm too.


There was 2 different types of cows there, and I can’t remember which kind this was.

This llama was staring right at me as I took his picture, so portrait!


turkey time! I think he was super worried about getting eaten because he kept making noises!


The Boy said that this sheep? looked like he was wearing pants. There was more than one in the pen and they were fighting later.0604161715
Us on the Ferris wheel just after the rain started0604161823

The Boy with all the goodies we left the Fair with. Cotton Candy, Dory, and a bear/dog.

I hope that you enjoyed this picture post and hopefully I will see you in another post soon!


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