Book Review: Girl on the Train

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I’m super excited to have finally finished this book. I had heard about the hype surrounding this book for a year. As you know I haven’t really had time to read for a while and when I decided to get back to reading I joined the Paper&Glam book club. This was the Paper & Glam March read. I didn’t finish the book in time for the book club chat, but I think the more important part is that I actually finished.

I will be very upfront and not spoil the plot for the book. The premise of the book is good which is the main character Rachel is the ex-wife of Tom and has developed a serious drinking problem since they have gotten divorced. Rachel regularly rides the train to and from the city and creates stories in her head about the people that she sees from her window. One day Rachel finds that one of her favorite couples to watch have made the news and thinks that she may have witnessed the murder of one of them. It takes her most of the book to figure out actually happened.

I didn’t love the book mostly because I continuously felt frustrated by the main character, Rachel’s plight. I just wanted her to get it together and figure out the answer long before she actually figures it out. Once Rachel does finally get her life somewhat together and figures out the answer the book moves quite quickly.  I always find it somewhat confusing when the book is written in more than one character voice since you constantly have to keep track of who is talking. It was interesting to see all the characters tie together though.

The movie comes out next month and I will definitely be going to see it and see how it compares to the book. I’ll let you know my thoughts in a later post.

I hope to see you soon in another post!


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