Book Review: Tales of the Beedle Bard


I am back once again with yet another book review. As of this book I have officially completed my goodreads goal for 2016 even though the widget on the side isn’t updated to reflect that. I’m proud that I completed my goal even if it wasn’t by reading all the books that I wanted to this year, I still managed to read some amazing books.

This year for #HPDec I decided to also include some of the newer Harry Potter books which do not belong with the original series. This book is a companion book that was included alongside the original series. I had not read it before this year, but I had definitely wanted to since there are referenced quite a bit in the Harry Potter books. This book was a fairly quick read since it is mainly wizarding fairy tales with additional commentary by Professor Dumbledore on how they relate to the wizarding world in real life. I love how all the fairy tales seemed to be a bit more on the darker side showing morals and what could happen if magic is misused rather than regular fairy tales which are only fanciful and only offer advice and morals.

I enjoyed this book and was very happy to add this to my Harry Potter collection. I apologize that this review is so short, but it really is a short book that does not need a lot of additional commentary to it. I hope to see you soon in another post!


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