5 Oahu sites in Hawaii


It has been a little bit since I did one of these posts I thought that I would give you my top 5 Oahu sites to visit on your trip here. I have received many inquiries on what I recommend people see when they come to Oahu. I could also try to do a guide by island, but that will take some work. Let me know if you are interested.

  1. Pearl Harbor/USS Missouri/ Ford Island/ World War II Valor in the Pacific

Above is the picture of the USS Missouri, which you can read about my experience here. There are so many things to see at Pearl Harbor and Ford Island that you could spend a day exploring there. I recommend this because it was the beginning and ending of WWII all in one place. There is also an aviation museum at Ford Island which is supposed to be pretty awesome. If you have not been to the USS Arizona Memorial in recent years you will be genuinely surprised by the update.

Some things to note for a visit here: While a trip to see the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is free, you will need to make reservations to go over to the actual memorial. Reservations can be done on their website or by phone. There are also no bags and beverages other than water allowed inside the  visitor center at memorial. There are rental storage lockers available for use. Other parts of this experience such as Ford Island and the USS Missouri may have fees. If you are reading this on the day it goes up the USS Missouri is currently getting a facelift, so I apologize if you don’t get a full experience.

2. Diamond Head

I mean how could you deny yourself a view like this?!?


This is at nearly every visitor list that I have ever met! I also did a post on hiking it here. I have hiked it a few more times since, but I’m not obsessed with it. There is a nominal park fee, since it is a state run park, but it’s nothing outrageous.

3. Dole Plantation


My friend Aiko is pictured standing next to a sign with some hometowns from visitors past. I did a post on our day on the North Shore which you can read here. Dole Plantation is amazing to visit since there are so many things to do. You can ride the train, look at koi fish, see varieties of pineapple grown around the world. Also you can have Dole Whip, which has grown in popularity! Definitely worth it!

4. North Shore Beaches


While the North Shore is known for their surf contests during the Winter Season and for the amazing waves nearly all year around. A trip to see the North Shore beaches even if you don’t surf is definitely something to check out. Giant sea turtles can often be found sunbathing at Laniakea Beach. Note: if you ever find a sea turtle on the beach, you can take pictures with it , but don’t touch it! It’s not okay to bother any sleeping animals. Sometimes the beach patrol will tape off the area with the sea turtle as not to disturb them, but in case they don’t just say you were warned.

5. Shave Ice


I know this last one isn’t really a place to visit. It is still something you must do! While the  recommendations for shave ice vary from person to person most of the list remains the same: Matsumotos, Waiola and Shimazu. Matsumoto’s Shave Ice is found in Haleiwa on the North Shore and has been very hyped up for many years.

Waiola Shave Ice, while being a local favorite has recently been brought to more fame since the reboot of Hawaii 5-o came to town. Waiola Shave Ice, currently has 3 locations as of April 2017, one on Waiola street in Honolulu, another in Kapahulu at the end of Waikiki, and the last one is currently in Ward Warehouse near Ala Moana.

Shimazu is a local favorite that is known for the many different choices in flavors. They have a menu they will pretty much leave you speechless. They currently have 2 locations: one in downtown, and another in Kapahulu. It’s definitely worth checking out at least to see the menu of flavors.

While this list could go on and on. I’ve tried to keep it to just five and even that was a struggle. There are always so many things to see on Oahu and some of them vary by seasons! While Oahu has a variety of ways to get around of a relatively well sized island. It’s transportation effectiveness still needs some work. If you are visiting the island and want to save money you could bring a bike your use the bus system.

Another way to save money is to plan your days out and to get a rental car for just a few days. Much like everything these days prices are creeping up everywhere, and I’ve always loved the concept of Zip Cars, but always a bit disappointed that there wasn’t an option for the islands. Lucky for me and lucky for you too, Turo has now created a way for that to happen. Turo is a company where you can rent a car for just a couple of days and for nearly ahl. There are also a number of cars at different price points to choose from like a Ford Aviato, for more wilderness treks. Check out Turo’s rentals page to see if there’s anything available in the area you are going to.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future!

*Turo contacted me to do this post, but the opinion expressed in this post is my own.

50th State Fair

Hello Everyone!
I know that it has been a hot minute since I gave you a real post, so here is one about my life. The Boy and I recently went to the 50th State Fair here in Hawaii and it was pretty awesome. It had been a while since I had been. I didn’t really take a lot of pictures since it rained which you can clearly tell in the last few pictures. Hopefully we will be able to go to another fair later in the summer.


This ride is called the Equinox and was the newest ride there. We tried it and it was super crazy. I talked a bit about this in my 5 things on a Friday post I’m not sure if I would ever ride it again though. The Boy and I paid a bit extra to pet farm animals which was interesting since quite a few parents brought their kids to do the same thing, but they also bought food. Most of the kids were pretty traumatized by feeding the animals.


Such a cute donkey!


I think this was a deer, but he had no sense of personal space which you can tell from the photo!


miniature ponies, so cute! He was super calm too.


There was 2 different types of cows there, and I can’t remember which kind this was.

This llama was staring right at me as I took his picture, so portrait!


turkey time! I think he was super worried about getting eaten because he kept making noises!


The Boy said that this sheep? looked like he was wearing pants. There was more than one in the pen and they were fighting later.0604161715
Us on the Ferris wheel just after the rain started0604161823

The Boy with all the goodies we left the Fair with. Cotton Candy, Dory, and a bear/dog.

I hope that you enjoyed this picture post and hopefully I will see you in another post soon!

Hawaii: Mighty Mo Adventure

Hawaii: Mighty Mo Adventure



I know that it has been a while since I’ve written a post here. I have been making youtube videos on a pretty regular basis, which is good in that sense but that also means that I’ve been slacking on my resolutions. I had been hoping on doing a resolutions for the new year post, but it’s been a while so maybe I won’t.

I really came to post about the adventure I went on this past weekend. So crazy enough living in Hawaii all these years I have never been to visit the U.S.S. Missouri. It has only been docked in Hawaii officially since January 29, 1999. For work, the Boy and I had the opportunity to participate as chaperones for the Overnight Encampment Program. Our program started Sunday afternoon and went until Monday morning. Our coordinator Neal, was super knowledgeable about the history of the U.S.S. Missouri and World War II in general. As you will see from the photo stream below ( I apologize for this post being image heavy) The ship is pretty amazing and has an amazing history!0117161655 a semi panorama view of the U.S.S. Missouri from the dock
view of Pearl Harbor from the ship


a photo of the official surrender

copies of the documents of surrender
0117162019plaque where the official surrender documents were signed. According to Neal, this is the second piece of glass that was put in on the ship since the first one was damaged in combat since the ship went through several wars since it was first installed.

The sunset from the ship was absolutely amazing. The photo at the beginning of this post was also a picture of the sunset.

We helped to bring down the flag for the day.

We also helped to fold the flag up for the day.

models of the ship aboard the ship

We also had the opportunity to raise the flag the next day.

If you are ever in Hawaii I highly recommend that you go and check out the U.S.S. Missouri. The tour and everything we got to do was really amazing! I was super enthralled with the history of the ship.Also to note, I probably at some point will do a post on the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and the rest of Pearl Harbor since we talked about going back to play tourist. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that I will see you in another one very soon!

Skating Rink in Hawaii


As I’ve watched Christmas movies over the years not to mention numerous occasions of watching ice skating competitions I’ve often envied the outdoor skating rinks. Being as I’ve lived in Hawaii most of my life I’ve never had the pleasure of skating on an outdoor rink until now. Last week, a mall near me called Ward Village decided to open up an outdoor skating rink for the whole month of December. The Boy and I decided to go check it out last night.
1201151854 1201151803

It’s actually pretty awesome. The fees for the rink include skate rental and 1 1/2 hours of ice skating. Apparently they use the same technology to create the man made rink for ice shows around the country. It’s pretty safe.


no lace up skates for this ice rink. They do have the option for hockey skates if you are really good, but we chose figure skates.


He ended up being better than I was.


Apparently my body has forgotten that year of ice skating lessons. Or perhaps I’ve become incredibly more unbalanced/disproportional than before?


Even though ice skating came easier to grasp for him, standing still against the barrier was a harder feat. I don’t get it….

We stopped at the small concession stand in the area to reward ourselves with their version of smore’s and beverages.

It was a great excursion and I’m glad that I got to experience an outdoor ice rink in Hawaii. Hopefully I’ll see you in my next post!

Hawaii: Makapuu Lighthouse Hike

I’m back and I went hiking again. If you follow me on Instagram (@greyskysaturday) you will know that in April I had a random day off during the work week, so I took that opportunity to go hiking with a few of my friends. We did the Makapuu Lighthouse hike. I have blogged about this hike before here, but I thought I would show you some amazing pictures from this time around!
My fabulous friends Rubik and Aiko
The lighthouse

I hope that you enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon with another post!

Hawaii: Maui part 2

I’m back with more from my trip to Maui. Sorry this post will be picture heavy, but you will enjoy it I promise! If you have not yet seen my vlog from this trip, feel free to check it out here!
238173fa-2100-4108-820a-76f5bdf33aa9_zpscf2ba083In front of the Maui Ocean Center sign

The living reef


Maui harbor

Travis playing with jellyfish

fireball status

fishes, sharks and stingrays swimming in straight lines

Lahaina Jodo Mission temple


Lahaina Jodo Mission Buddha


sunrise from Haleakala

bodhi tree at Makawao Hongwanji Mission

Komoda bakery cream puffs, one of their specialties

Travis at Alii Lavendar Farms

street art in Paia town



Tasaka guriguri, a local favorite


I will be back soon with another post! I’m so glad that you are here with me 🙂

Hawaii: Maui part 1

Sorry that it’s been a while, things as it seems to be the case for this year are crazy! Hopefully this week I’ll be able to catch up and schedule a few posts for the coming weeks! First up is a vlog of my trip to Maui that I took over Good Friday weekend. Pictures will be included in a separate post. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and prepare to watch the sunrise from Haleakala for a good 20 minutes for most of the video.

Hope that you enjoyed this peek into my life and I will be back very soon with pictures from this trip!