Monthly Questions: May Flowers…..


1. Mood:
This week has been absolutely crazy! I got back from a trip to Sacramento on Monday and with the college students finishing and summer getting into full swing it’s just gonna continue to get more crazy! It’ll be good though ūüôā

2. Do you have a friend who’s always up for anything?
I have several friends who are always up for anything. Usually I’m the one trying to contain them, hahah! One of my friends even wants to go sky diving, we still haven’t gone yet though.
3. Time for our afternoon snack break! Where should we go?
 I crave chocolate most of the time, but I often have to alternate between that and salty snacks. I still have not managed to get away from the carbs yet though.

4.Did you take any lessons when you were a kid?
My mom threw me into all kinds of lessons when I was little: ballet, tap dancing, piano, ice skating, swimming not to mention all the time I spent in math tutoring! I’m not good at any of these anymore unfortunately

5. Breakfast for dinner: yay or nay?
ALWAYS! I love having breakfast for dinner. My roommates and I used to do it all the time in college. Eggs, bacon, waffles, sometimes waffles with bacon inside and on the occasion banana pancakes.

6.What’s the first thing you do when you get off work/out of school?
Call KonaBoy and see where he’s at if we haven’t already spoken for the day and then grab a glass of water for the road because the traffic when I get off work is HORRIBLE!

7. Do you play video games?
It’s been known to happen on occasion, but because my parents wouldn’t buy a gaming system for my brother and I when we were little I somehow manage to suck, but on very rare occasions pull of brilliant moves.

8.Do you buy lottery tickets?
Nope! Never bought a lottery ticket, but I’ve received one;)

9.  Are you a card shark?
Not really by any means, although people have called me a shark because often after they wrangle me into a game I win. Who knows maybe I’m just lucky ūüėČ

10. Weekly Goals:
Survive this week, manage to get a lot of my projects done at work, send tons of emails catching up on things, keep caught up on blogging, read more, edit more photos, and breathe!

The original of the above photograph was taken by Dustin Soriano Photography. He’s amazingly brilliant and I highly recommend him. This week has been crazy and I know the next couple months will be even crazier, but hopefully I can find sanity in the midst of it all. My boss has been trying to get us to do meditation for busy people on a regular basis to center ourselves, so hopefully I can stick to it and get more focus and clarity on my life.

Hope that you are doing well and thanks for reading!

Monthly Questions:Spring is here!!!!


1. Mood
Happy, a little stressed but mostly happy. There are so many good moments happening in between the stressful ones

2. Flashback time! Do you remember where you were and what you were doing 10 years ago?
Haha…My friends and I were just talking about this the other week! 10 years ago I was finishing my first year of college and trying not to be super depressed because the semester had been so long since Utah decided to have Spring Break in February.

3.. When was the last time you thanked someone with a kiss?
Saturday and it was KonaBoy. ¬†We went to my cousin’s birthday party and it was the first time my family had met him. Glad I convinced him to go with me cause he did not really want to. Thought it would extremely awkward!

4.Straight, curly or wavy hair?
Been loving curling my hair lately, even though it means that I have to get up a little earlier. I’m really glad that people like the curly hair look on me too!

5. What was your commute like?
The commute from where I live to work is always so long and was especially long today because the college is back in session after having Spring Break. Hopefully, it won’t be as painful going home and for the rest of the week!

6. What is one thing that you are looking forward to this weekend?
KonaBoy and I are spending the whole weekend with his family. He’s going to show me around his hometown and such. I have not been to where he lives since I was little, so it will be exciting to see everything. I know he’s super excited to see his family and his dog. There will be tons of pictures from this weekend, I promise!

7.What is something you do to soothe yourself when you are stressed?
DRINK ICED CHAI TEA! I have always found that everything can be calmed down with a simple Chai Tea. It’s the perfect everything!

8. When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes?
On Saturday! I try to wash my makeup brushes at least once a week. Sometimes things get crazy and I don’t get a chance to, but I really do try besides that, isn’t it unhygenic to keep your makeup brushes unwashed for long periods of time?!?

9. Terrifying thing you did recently?
A terrifying thing that I did recently was introduce KonaBoy to the family. He was REALLY scared and so was I. Everything ended up really well and I know he was pretty happy to meet at least some of the family.

10. Goals
Pack for the trip to KonaBoy’s hometown, finish things for work, blog more, edit more photos!

¬†The above picture was taken during Valentine’s Day. It was part of the gift that KonaBoy got me. He was really sweet that day just in case I didn’t mention that previously! I’ve also been working super hard at work, but I think I’m finally ready and have a bit of time to blog. My goal is to blog at least once a week. I’ve got some really good ones that I think you’ll like. Hope that you’re doing well!

Monthly Questions: March Madness!

To Do List from Yaniv Fridman on Vimeo.

1. If you have one, can you tell me about your fitness routine?¬† I attempt to go running/walking as much as I can. Sometimes, I even try to sneak in a workout when I’m not really thinking about it.

2. A bad habit you’re trying to break? 
Not drinking enough water and snacking on grains…Oy vey!

3. If your life were fictionalized and made into a movie, what genre would it be? 
Drama I think, possibly like Claire Danes in¬†Shop Girl if you’ve seen it.

4. Do you have a good luck charm? 
No or rather I haven’t had one in a long time that has really worked for me.

5. Song I can’t stop listening to is…¬†
I think the song is called Cough Syrup. I absolutely love that song and I don’t even know why!
6. Makeup or fashion?   Makeup I can never keep up with fashion and I mostly dress comfortably more than anything else.
7. Heels or flats?¬†Flats! Lately that’s all I’ve been wearing because I’ve been working so much lately ūüė¶ I really should start wearing heels more!

8. Mood:
Confused a lot has happen in the last month and it has been nothing but crazy. I need a long vacation to decompress and completely relax and not think about things for a while.

9. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert. Did you see that Time magazine article on introverts and the powers of introverts? I do try to not be so introverted since it is helpful in my daily life.

10. The least amount of sleep you can get by on?¬†4 hours I think unless I’m really not sleeping at all and that would suck so much.

Hey Everyone! I finally had time to post to blog and to get around to some monthly questions. It’s been so crazy at work lately that I have barely even had a chance to breathe. Hopefully though I’ll get a chance to write and chat more I miss being on here and writing to you. Hope that your life is going well and that you’re staying happy!

Monthly Questions: Happy 2012!


*Questions taken from Being Brazen

1.¬†For me, 2011 was the year of… changes and having too much fun!

2. I spent my New years Eve... with a family dinner eating traditional Okinawan food and then watching the fireworks from the highest place possible with KonaBoy ūüôā

3. This year my¬†4¬†biggest¬†goals are…¬†get healthier and fitter, get more organized, stay in love and have amazing adventures
4. Do you believe that the world will end in 2012? I really hope not!
5. What have you been reading over your Dec/Jan holiday? Finished Will Grayson/Will Grayson, semi-reading the Starter Wife and With a Little Luck (reviews all coming soon!)
6. What’s the best item you got or bought last year?¬†tangible item would be my Sigma brushes I think, intangible item would probably be my new boss
7. If you could only buy one luxury item this year, what would it be?¬†A trip to Okinawa with my ‘rents *fingers crossed*
8.¬†I hope this new year is…¬†amazing goodness and continued surprises!!!

This first week of the new year has been so busy and so full of changes! I’m seriously so excited and ecstatic about everything I’m going to burst! I still have a few posts from last year that I need to finish and post, but I seriously can not wait for this year! The photo at the beginning of the post is of a kadomatsu, which my friend made. Here’s the meaning of the kadomatsu taken from the Japanese Cultural Center website:


The¬†Kadomatsu, ‚Äúgate pine,‚ÄĚ display dates back to the Edo period of Japan. The arrangement is made of pine sprigs, bamboo and plum blossoms that are tied together with cord. The¬†matsu¬†(pine) symbolizes constancy, vitality and longevity, and the bamboo represents strength and flexibility. Plum blossoms can also be used in the arrangement, representing new beginnings, purity and sweetness. The size of the kadomatsu¬†may vary according to the entry way.
The¬†kadomatsu¬†is usually displayed on both sides of an entrance way, one representing a female (the smooth surface of the pine) and the other representing the male (the rough bark). People in Hawai‚Äėi often display and discard the¬†kadomatsu¬†according to the customs of their families around the seventh day of January which signifies the end of the New Year festivities.

I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures this year and about some of my goals for this year. How was your new year’s?

Monthly Questions: Happy Christmas!


1. Mood: Mostly relaxed and amazingly happy lately! Life has been very good, I only wish there wasn’t so much going on all the time.

2.¬†What gets you in the mood for Christmas? ¬†The Honolulu City Lights Parade, but I’m missing it this year : ( It will still feel like Christmas I suppose, but this year will be different.

3.¬†Eggnog or hot chocolate? Egg Nog! I actually LOVE Egg Nog, but I only get 1 carton during the holidays otherwise it’ll make me fat ūüėõ It’s so great though! Throughout the whole month of December I’ll add a bit of Egg Nog to my coffee and it’ll be perfect!

4.¬†What is your favorite thing about Christmas? ¬†The trees, the lights, getting together with family, the smell of pine and my cinnamon sheep…hahah! Seriously though getting to smell my cinnamon sheep, because he only gets to come out at Christmas!

5.¬†What store would you like to see open in your town? ¬†Marshalls or TJ Maxx! I heard one of them is coming to town for sure, but I can’t remember which one and I’ve been dying to shop at one of those places again.

Life right now is mostly relaxing because I’m not thinking about it. If I think about all the things that are happening this month, I’ll get stressed! From the looks of it though, every weekend will be jam packed with events, which means I may not get to wander around and take pictures of the AMAZING street art around town as seen in the above photograph. ¬†I’ll tell you more about all the goodness as it happens. How’s your life going?


Monthly Questions: Happy Thanksgiving!




1. Mood:
Pretty relaxed although I’m a little confused about a situation in my life, but mostly really good. I’m getting a lot of my life organized and getting back to blogging again!!!

2. A children’s book that brings back fond memories for you?
There are tons of books that bring back memories for me. I have such a  such a hard time picking out just one book as gifts for my nephew. I could almost buy the whole children section. He currently has acquired Goodnight Moon, Corduroy, and The Little Engine that Could.

3. Three good things about your life right now?
I’m getting a new boss very soon, I see a light at the end of the tunnel for work or at least hope and my birthday is tomorrow…hehe!

4. Which one do you follow most often, your heart or your head?
My heart most often which gets me into trouble because it causes me to act impulsively.

5.  If you could live a life of luxury in any city in the world, which city would it be?
My heart longs to be in New York ¬†for everything it’s worth. That would be the epitome of luxury or so it would seem.


Ahh….I can already picture the Thanksgiving Dinner already! Well, almost….I’m actually holding an early Thanksgiving for work this weekend and I need to figure out the turkey situation. It’s so confusing! Work is going pretty well, and I can’t believe that it’s already November and almost my birthday. CRAZY!

Hope that you are doing well and that I’ll be seeing more of you soon.


Monthly Questions: September Falls!


1. Mood:
CRAZY! Actually life has been super crazy! There’s a lot happening at work and I don’t mind it although because it’s Fall I feel like I’m driving at 80 in a 40 zone. It will be December way too soon!

2. Facebook or Twitter:
I’m definitely liking Twitter, but hate that everyone and their dog is doing it these days. ¬†If you’re only posting links and are not really talking to people then Twitter isn’t for you, sorry! I love the instant interaction ¬†and meeting people from everywhere ūüôā

3. Who are the funniest people you know?
Well….all the kids I work with are super funny. Seriously, it’s a nonstop laugh track when we hang out. Other than that, I’d recommend Caprice Crane and Jeff Dunham both can make me crack a smile on a bad day.

4. Gold or Silver:
I definitely mix and match gold and silver, but I definitely prefer silver over gold cause it match my skin tone better. I think that gold make me look too yellow  :/

5.  Do you enjoy cleaning?
Actually most of the time yes. Although, I can’t handle my mom’s schedule for cleaning. I think that she cleans far too much for her own good!

My life seriously feels as if I’ve been doing zero to 60 lately, but I kind of like it. I recently ¬†have been doing more hiking lately, which I’m definitely loving being outdoors more. I also have been catching up on a few shows lately that I’ve missed in the past and it’s been so great! Definitely, so much going on, but I’m loving it!

If there’s any questions that you would like me to answer in future monthly questions let me know.